Star 2 B Performing Arts

Star 2 B builds an appreciation for the performing arts through various programs and activities. We embrace all children of various ages and levels of experience. We strive to develop self esteem, focus, dedication, confidence, and camaraderie, all through the musical theatrical arts.

What People Have to say about

Star 2 B....

Maryann Baldovin VonEgypt-My daughter did a 2 week camp this summer and she didn't want it to end. Everyone was so professional and they treated my daughter like family. She really felt welcome and was excited to go everyday. She made some nice friends too! They are an amazing group!

Dee-Ann Hutchinson Maio-My daughter loved, loved, loved this camp!!!! See you again next year Star 2 B Performing Arts!!!!

Laura Naselow-Wow!!! What more can be said?! Plenty!! But they LOVE your kids! & in turn your kids them! Awesome group of people!

Amalia Veca-Gerbasi
-My daughter absolutely loves star2b!!!! It has finally given her the opportunity to shine!!!!!

Donna Marvel Golden-Working with Star 2 B was an amazing experience for me. It was only for 2 weeks, but in that time I learned a lot about how dedicated a group of actors can be and how close a group you can form. A fantastic performing group with fantastic people!

Mike Luca-Star 2 B is an excellent company for its unrelenting determination to continually strive forward. The future promises to be bright! I look forward to seeing what emerges.

Carmela Siniscalchi Frattellone- I can not say enough good things about Star 2 B. My daughter has taken a couple of workshops, went to their summer camp and this Fall will be in her 2nd production with them. She loves being part of this "family". These children will learn many lessons that will be beneficial for their adult lives. They learn to take direction, work with others, being comfortable in front of a group of people, but most important confidence in themselves. These are all traits that one needs to succeed in life. Where else can we send our children to learn all of these lessons and they have fun.

Dana Giannotti-Lamberti- I can't say enough great things about Star2b!! They are like family. My kids did their first camp and been hooked ever since. The love, support and creative professionals they bring to our children are just amazing. They are great for all ages and work day and night to provide the best experience

Sandy Veringa-Shuttleworth-My daughter worked at the camp this summer. She came home so happy every day with lots of stories about how great the other counselors and CIT's were. Even more so, she LOVED the campers and formed some real bonds with them. The owners are terrific people and they really do go above and beyond in everything they do. Thank you for giving her a great work experience!

Dawn Mazzurco Owens-We love Star 2 B! My almost-7-year-old daughter can be very shy, yet the people at Star 2 B knew exactly how to bring her out of her shell and foster her talents. By the end of her two weeks at Camp Rock this summer, she was a different child. Seeing her perform on stage with all the other kids at the end of the camp brought tears to our eyes. Thank you, Star 2 B! You guys really do rock!

Maria Elio-Morgan-Star 2 B is so much more than just Preforming arts program. They do so much more than just "Put on a show" .They provide so many different learning opportunities for the kids in their programs. My daughter just came off of filming an Educational video & the Director was AMAZED , stating that who ever is teaching these kids how to take direction is doing an Amazing job with them.. If you want your child to be a strong confident person I suggest sending them to Star 2B. This program will give them skills for life , so much more than just "putting on a play".

Anna Ciani Brown-This is the best theatre group my daughter has ever attended! She comes home happy, enthusiastic and has come out of her shell with the experience she has gained from Star2B! They are all so wonderful. The shows are professional and amazing! Kids love it as much as the parents do!

Barbara Zats-My daughter, Chloe Collins performed twice for Star2B at their red carpet ceremonies and we were incredibly impressed with the supportive atmosphere and the warmth they showed to Chloe and to us. Kudos to Theresa and Julie for creating a wonderful and safe environment for kids to explore their creativity !

Erin McMahon-My daughter just finished her first camp experience with Star2B and she had a great time! She said that everyone was so nice and supportive and after only the first day of camp, she said she can't wait to go back next year. She hopes to be able to work with the same group of kids as this year. She had such a good experience and we'd highly recommend the program and group.

Maria Faulkner McClernan-I thought I'd get a quote from my daughter, who has been a summer camp session, a mystery workshop and will be in her 2nd stage production in Fall with Star 2B. "I think Star 2B is a great company because they pick really good plays and story lines. The way they teach us is really good because they take us step by step with words, songs and dances to make the production great. I love Star 2B!" Einin,10.

Melissa Ramon-There are no words to express my love for Star2b. In the 8 years that I have been involved in theater, I have never loved a group as much as I love this one. I have learned so much from this group! They bring in pros from the city to help us learn more and work with us for shows. This group gives their kids SO much support to help every single one be the best actor and actress they can be. The environment is so friendly, loving, and supportive. I have made great friends in this group and I can honestly say that Star2b will always have a special place in my heart.

Cindy Strang Rubino-I cannot say enough about all the opportunities that these talented folks offer to our kids--from a summer camp that my daughter just did not want to end, to enrichment programs that provide the kids the chance to learn from professional actors and actresses and coaches, to the Fall and Spring workshops that culminate in top-quality performances. Star 2 B does so much to help showcase the talents of each and every child. I can't thank you all enough!!!!

Hailey Lauren-I am being completely honest when I say Star 2 B is one of the best organizations I've ever participated in. I did Into the Woods Jr. there and everyone was incredibly welcoming and supportive. I'm definitely looking forward to doing 13 this coming September!

-daughter has had more fun being part of this group. The productions and camps have been fun and involving. She has developed her skills with each production and LOVES it !!! Thanks so much for the opportunities given from you all !! :)

Alene Gillespie Sanges-My daughter was so excited this year to be able to finally participate in the Star 2 B summer camp. She is enjoying every minute of her time learning and having fun preparing for her part in Camp Rock. Every night she cant stop talking about how much fun she is having and how great everyone there is. I myself have seen many of their productions including Summer in the city, Lovers and Laborers, Into the Woods and Guys and Dolls. I must say I have been impressed every time. This time for camp Rock it is more exciting because I get to see my daughter in her first show. I am happy that her first experience is with this great company and i cant wait for her next role and to see her live her dream. I would highly recomend sending your child to any of thier many programs. Thank you Star 2 B you are truly the BEST!!!!!!