why we do what we do

Star 2B offers classes, professional production opportunities, private lessons, and much more led by a team of New York professional actors. We are passionate about creating a fun, safe, educational environment for your child to discover the theater arts. 


Star 2B Performing Arts started as a collaboration of two moms trying to find fun and professional theater training for their kids. Now, only 6 years later, Star 2B Performing Arts has flourished into a program that helps children of all ages learn and grow. 

In May of 2012, Theresa Podhurst and Julie Altomari decided to start a small theatre summer camp for 2 weeks in the backyard of Theresa's house. The goal of the camp was to have a safe, fun atmosphere for their kids to have the opportunity to experiment and learn about theatre. 


In September of 2013, the Star 2B kids wanted to do a full production, so we produced our full production of Into the Woods, Jr in January of 2014 with a cast of 19 children from grades 3-12, directed by Theresa Podhurst. In that same month, we hired Jane Bruce, a NYC industry professional, to direct our next full production - Guys and Dolls. That year, we were received 4 National Youth Arts Nominations and won 2 Awards.


In 2014, we were rapidly growing and in the fall split our group into 2 different age groups and produced Willy Wonka Jr and 13 the Musical. In January of 2015, we moved into our own 1,500 sq ft studio in Hopewell Junction!! Star 2B now had a home!  That spring, we produced Seussical Jr and Legally Blonde Jr! We received 16 National Youth Arts Nominations and won 3 Awards for the Summer/Fall/Spring season and we were asked to perform at the Awards Ceremony.


As we continued to grow, we brought in many more industry professional from NYC and added weekly dance, acting, and music classes. In the fall of 2015, we produced Bye Bye Birdie and Peter Pan Jr. Our Star 2B family was getting bigger, and we added in our third age group! We now had the Bronze Stars (grades K-4), the Silver Stars (grades 5-8), and the Gold Stars (grades 9-12). In January of 2016, we produced Annie Kids, James and the Giant Peach Jr, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. We received 25 NYA Nominations and 4 NYA Awards for that season and we were asked to perform a company number from Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Awards Ceremony.

In our 2016-17 season, we once again submitted to the National Youth Arts Awards and we received 9 awards and 20 nominations, including Outstanding Production for Grease School Edition. We were again asked to perform at the Awards Ceremony. That season consisted of  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cinderella Kids, Beauty and the Beast Jr, Carrie, Aladdin Kids, Shrek Jr, and Grease School Edition. 

Now, only 6 years later, Star 2B Performing Arts is now in our own 1,500 sq ft studio space in Hopewell Junction, NY. We have current industry professionals commute out to the Hudson Valley to share and educate our youth in the theatre arts.

We know STAR2B is great, but don't take our word for it!

Below are just a few testimonials from our students and families

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Joslyn Klastow (parent)

A professional and very supportive place for kids who love theater!

Amy Van Norstrand (instructor)

Teaching at Star 2B has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. The students bring so much enthusiasm matched with talent to class every day. I love being able to work on both choreography and theatrical lessons with professionalism each week. I have personally watched each student grow immensely through hard work, dedication, and amazing teachers. The leadership at Star 2B is the best. Theresa and Julie hire professional teachers with real life experience and as a result, the students truly reap the benefits.

Bob Berry (parent)

Can't say enough good things about Star 2 B. Great teachers, great space, and just a inviting environment when kids can grow and be creative while learning skills they will have for their entire loves.

Donna Zebrowski (parent)

If your child loves to sing and dance and act. This is a wonderful school. Our daughter is new this year @ Star 2B. Great professionalism. Our daughter loves the opportunity this school has given her. The growth and confidence is amazing. We are looking forward to all the new adventures in our daughters future this education brings for her future.

Kevin Alcoforado (student)

As soon as i stepped into rehearsal for Heathers, which was my second show, I immediately felt welcome. I heard my name being screamed and people running to hug me. It was truly magical. The friends you will make here are unlike any friends you will ever have, and the environment is beyond professional. It’s something i’ve never seen before in my entire acting career ( although it is small! )

Not to mention the directors. So far, i’ve worked with Jane, Chelsea, and Artie ( i’m in his current show ) and they’re just... magical. That’s the only word i can use to describe them. Their brains work in a way which not only makes the show beautiful, but makes every single person in the cast thought out and spectacular. Not one single character in any show is looked over and that is just, pure and utter magic. The amount of specificity given to my, and other people parts, ESPECIALLY ensemble is just ridiculously cool.

AND ( i know, there’s more! ) The owners just radiate sunshine. They know you all by name and as soon as you walk into the door, a smile lights up on their face that radiates love. They ask you how you’re doing and they genuinely care.

I can’t write about Star2B enough. My experience, the teachers, the other kids, the owners are just beyond magical. You need to send your kids here. It creates a foundation for acting, singing, and dancing and love. Your kids will learn how to be better people, how to be better performers, and how to be better friends. Please, take it from me, a student of only THREE shows. If i can feel this way after being in one show with them, imagine the possibility for your kids.

Patti Cipollone (parent)

Our daughter has now been in 3 productions at Star 2B. I can't say enough good things about this program and the people who run it! The shows they put on are wonderful! The kids are having such a great time on stage. There is a lovely rapport between the directors and the actors. My daughter has blossomed under their instruction and can't wait for the next show!


Cris Lemieux (parent)

We had a child in James and the Giant Peach and one in Thoroughly Modern Millie and both children had the times of their life and feel like Star 2B is their home away from home. We hated to see the shows come to an end but know there will be many great shows in their future with Star 2B! Their directors bring so much joy and love, we can't say enough about all the professionals they have aligned themselves with! And let's talk about what they give back to the community! From college scholarships for their seniors, to getting sponsorships to offer a show at no cost to the entire cast, to collecting and sending out blankets for babies in need and their support for local charities such as Sparrow's Nest and Project Linus. We are so lucky to have Star 2B in our community to deliver professional experiences to our children in our backyard!

Irene Sweet (parent)

Star 2 B is just a wonderful place. My son has learned so from the directors and choreographers, they are all working professionals and have so much to offer. In addition, the studio is very well run and great at communicating, the owners are both lovely people and keep everything running smoothly.  Star 2B also offers many classes at all levels for students to enrich their skills, and they are always offering new and interesting programs. I’m so glad to have found this studio.

Mike Luca:

Star 2 B is an excellent company for its unrelenting determination to continually strive forward. The future promises to be bright! I look forward to seeing what emerges.

Sandy Veringa-Shuttleworth (parent)

My daughter worked at the camp this summer. She came home so happy every day with lots of stories about how great the other counselors and CIT's were. Even more so, she LOVED the campers and formed some real bonds with them. The owners are terrific people and they really do go above and beyond in everything they do. Thank you for giving her a great work experience!

Dawn Mazzurco Owens (parent)

We love Star 2 B! My almost-7-year-old daughter can be very shy, yet the people at Star 2 B knew exactly how to bring her out of her shell and foster her talents. By the end of her two weeks at Camp Rock this summer, she was a different child. Seeing her perform on stage with all the other kids at the end of the camp brought tears to our eyes. Thank you, Star 2 B! You guys really do rock!

Maria Elio-Morgan (parent)

Star 2 B is so much more than just Preforming arts program. They do so much more than just "Put on a show" .They provide so many different learning opportunities for the kids in their programs. My daughter just came off of filming an Educational video & the Director was AMAZED , stating that who ever is teaching these kids how to take direction is doing an Amazing job with them.. If you want your child to be a strong confident person I suggest sending them to Star 2B. This program will give them skills for life , so much more than just "putting on a play".

Tiffany Felidi (parent)

Star 2 Be is such a wonderful place for budding actresses and actors to begin their journey on stage! It is a clean & cozy atmosphere for the kids, and the time and effort given by the instructors is incomparable! Having professional, hard-working actors and actresses teach our children the basics of acting and give their time to directing these beautiful productions is so wonderful!!! They are patient, professional, talented, and most importantly they are fair! The devotion from the owners & staff is amazing, my daughter has never been happier in any class or extracurricular activity then she is now at Star 2 be! She enjoys every second of rehearsals and classes, and counts down the days until her next time at the studio! We love Star 2 Be! 

Barbara Zats (parent)

My daughter, Chloe Collins performed twice for Star2B at their red carpet ceremonies and we were incredibly impressed with the supportive atmosphere and the warmth they showed to Chloe and to us. Kudos to Theresa and Julie for creating a wonderful and safe environment for kids to explore their creativity !

Melissa Ramon (student)

There are no words to express my love for Star2b. In the 8 years that I have been involved in theater, I have never loved a group as much as I love this one. I have learned so much from this group! They bring in pros from the city to help us learn more and work with us for shows. This group gives their kids SO much support to help every single one be the best actor and actress they can be. The environment is so friendly, loving, and supportive. I have made great friends in this group and I can honestly say that Star2b will always have a special place in my heart.

Alene Gillespie Sanges (parent)

My daughter was so excited this year to be able to finally participate in the Star 2 B summer camp. She is enjoying every minute of her time learning and having fun preparing for her part in Camp Rock. Every night she cant stop talking about how much fun she is having and how great everyone there is. I myself have seen many of their productions including Summer in the city, Lovers and Laborers, Into the Woods and Guys and Dolls. I must say I have been impressed every time. This time for camp Rock it is more exciting because I get to see my daughter in her first show. I am happy that her first experience is with this great company and i cant wait for her next role and to see her live her dream. I would highly recomend sending your child to any of thier many programs. Thank you Star 2 B you are truly the BEST!!!!!!